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San Diego Master Seminar

July 8th at Play by Play Productions

1601 San Elijo Rd.,  San Marcos, CA  92078

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Soke Black is a 9th degree black belt. He will be teaching the principles of the knife and pillar attacks. With over 40 years of experience and real world encounters, he will be sharing how to recognize, work in and control any range. Soke Black and Soke Turner are the two USSD Head Masters in charge of the development of our art. Soke Black will be sharing exclusive and high levels concepts usually only shared with chief instructors.


Soke Turner is a 9th degree black belt. He will be sharing the principles of Kempo stick fighting. Alongside Soke Black, he is one of the Head Masters at USSD. He will teach you how to transition between weapon to empty hand techniques. He has a vast knowledge of how to use anything and everything to attack and defend. 


Master Rodriguez is a 6th degree black belt known for his expertise in weapons. He has performed twice at the Shaolin Temple, and has taught weapon seminars for dojos across the country. He will be sharing his personal training methods and regimen for the whip chain. The whip chain is heavy but flexible, allowing it to be used as a whip to hit, hook and bind an opponent, restrict their movements and deflect blows from other weapons.

TIME: 11AM (part 1) & 1PM (part 2) 

As the only 7th degree in the company, Master Terrell will take his 30+ years experience with USSD, combined with his career in the US Marine Corps, and teach you the subtle techniques of grabs, escapes, locks and holds. He will share how to assess and neutralize threats. 

TIME: 2:30PM

Master Joyner will teach you the vast applications of our blocking systems. As one of the three 6th degrees in the company, he will show you his Master’s perspective of our art. 

TIME: 3:30PM