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Master Seminar - Master Jose Rodriguez - Whip Chain (2 HOURS + Practice Whip Chain Included)

Date: July 8th

Times: 11am Part 1

1pm Part 2 

Location: Play by Play Productions


1601 San Elijo Rd.,  San Marcos, CA  92078

Instructor: Master Jose Rodriguez

Master Rodriguez is a 6th degree black belt known for his expertise in weapons. He has performed twice at the Shaolin Temple and has taught weapon seminars for dojos across the country. He will be sharing his personal training methods and regimen for the whip chain. The whip chain is heavy but flexible, allowing it to be used as a whip to hit, hook and bind an opponent, restrict their movements and deflect blows from other weapons. 

  •  Hand Eye Coordination 
  •  Spatial Awareness 
  •  Mobility
  •  Transitional Movements 

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